"A World Where Poverty Is In The Past"


“ANANTA” is a social enterprise that provides Business Incubator and Accelerator Programs to the target groups in the early or ongoing stage of business through its mind to market model and assists them during all stages of the business life cycle.

“ANANTA” also acts as an ecosystems builder to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas, technologies, and products into the marketplace and ideally lead entrepreneurs to develop viable businesses.

“ANANTA” is a leader in social entrepreneurship. We are committed to creating social enterprises that uplift communities out of poverty.

The Country Context

Extreme Poverty

The data indicates that 23% of total Laos population still live in an Extreme Poverty condition

Livelihood Opportunities

Limited job and livelihood opportunities for vulnerable groups, especially the poor, women and people with disability

Inequality Level

Gender inequality in education and wage employment in Laos is one of the primary focused issue

Our Strategic Solutions

Incubating community-based enterprises

  • Market matching
  • Brand development
  • Team management
  • Product development
  • Business education

Accelerating existing community-based enterprises

  • Market expansion
  • Fund raising

Our Mission


Create disruptive, innovative and sustainable social enterprises in Lao PDR and other developing countries, focusing on the vulnerable groups—the poor, women and people with disability.


Cultivate local skills and products that match emerging market demands


Connect “made-in-Laos” products with domestic and international markets via digital platforms

Our Team

We are a group of entrepreneurs specialize in different fields

Soudalath Silaphet

CEO of ANANTA Expertise in Project Operations & Management

Souphaphone Souannavong

Business incubator and development

Manoly Sisavanh

Natural resources management and rural development

Souliyo, Mangkonephet, Jettana

BIZGITAL Co., Ltd Technology innovation and advertisement

Inthy Deuansavanh

Green Adventure Largest nature-based tourism firm in Lao PDR

How Can We Work Together?

  • Government agencies: As regulators and partners
    • Public-Private-People Partnership
  • Corporates: Through marketing and CSR campaigns
    • Raise company’s profile, profit, and reputation through community engagement
  • International Organizations and NGOs: Partnership
    • Match synergies and build partnership for sustainable economy
  • Communities: Key beneficiaries
    • Labors, skills and products supply and development for income generation
  • Others: Opportunistic

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5 Kaysone Road, Ban Phon Sa Ad,
Saysettha District Vientiane, Laos 01000